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Home Automation

Are you building a new home or renovating a home?  Are you looking for a easy to use system that can incorporate all of your electronics into a single application?  If so you have come to the right spot.  Smart Homes of Texas can take the frustrations and confusion out of all the hard to use technology and make them very simple.  We have worked very closely with Control4 since 2009 and have designed,  installed, and programmed 1000s of systems. Here are just a few things we can easily integrate in your home.

Whole House Audio Frisco

Whole House Audio

Everyone wants the ability to have music throughout their home.  From the bathroom to the kitchen.  Background music sets the mood of the house.  Being able to listen to the news in the morning or have your favorite holiday music on in the background at your family gathering.  Using a Matrix Amplifier we can turn rooms of speakers on and off with a click of a button.  We have access to every online streaming service like Pandora,  Tidal,  Rhapsody.  Not to mention we can send music directly from your phone to our easy to use system.   You will have Room,  Track,  and Cover Art right on your TV, or smart phone so you can easily manage what is playing at all times.

Home Theater Frisco

Audio/Video Control

If you are building a new home one of the main things customers ask for is the ability to hide all of the boxes.  If your home is wired correctly or you let  Smart Homes of Texas wire your home we can make this happen.  Using a HDMI Matrix switcher we can distribute all of your Set top boxes like DIRECTV,  Uverse, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, Ps4 with the single touch of the button..

Home Theater Frisco


Lighting Control is a up and coming feature that a lot of our customers ask for.   When you get home from work would you like a lighted path from the garage to your bedroom?  Would you like to turn off all the lights in the home with a single touch of a button?  Would you like different lighting scenes to really set the moode for family gatherings or parties?  Using control4 dimmers we can make all of this happen and much more.

home theater frisco

Climate Control

Monitor your temperature and make adjustments from anywhere.  Get alerts when certain rooms get to hot or to cold.  We can even make it when you get home from work your AC turns down to your preferred temperature

Control4 Frisco


Would you like to know what is going on around your home at all times.  Have you had a problem with theft in the past?  Having a home surveillance system will give you ease of mind knowing that you will be able to see anything and everything that has happened around your home in high definition.


Intercom systems have evolved from the big clunky on wall boxes that no one wanted to put into their homes.  We can now use color touch panels to talk between rooms.

Control4 Frisco

Motorized Shades

In the past motorized shades have been a hassle.  Each room had a specific remote that is often lost.  With control4,  your in wall touch panel,  mobile phone,  or even tv remote can control your shades.  We can even set them up on a schedule to go up and down by themselves to maximize energy efficiency.

Home Theater Frisco

THX is one of the best known names in the business for sound and video reproduction. Justin Dohman from Smart Homes of Texas holds the highest certifications that THX offers to ensure all of your gear is calibrated for top performance.
Home Theater Frisco

Proper installation and system design comes from proper training and support. Cedia offers Audio Video professionals new classes monthly to keep ahead of the AV trends.
Home Theater Frisco

Smart Homes of Texas has been featured in over 15 National Publications and has won multiple awards for our installation and design practices. We won the 2013 National Award for Home of the Year from Electronic House for one of our Home Automation Systems.
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